Govt. Degree College , Kunjwani/Sainik Colony Jmmu.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

IQAC Activites Report 2020-2021

IQAC Activites Report 2019-2020

1) To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action enhancing the academic & administrative performance of the institution.
2) To contribute towards continuous induction, evaluation & upgradation of best practices for strengthening teaching and learning process.
3) To promote qualitative and valuable services in the field of higher education.
4) To provide equitable access to and affordability of academic programs for various sections of the society.
Some of the functions of IQAC are
1) To continuously evaluate and improve programs & policies.
2) To continuously promote the application of quality parameters for providing academic and administrative ambience to the stakeholders.
3) To create awareness about various quality benchmarks of Higher Education.
4) To play a pivotal role in maintaining quality in teaching-learning process.
5) To promote quality culture at the internal level in the college.
6) To organise seminars, workshops and field-based activities to augment the quality culture at the internal level.
7) To create awareness of NEP-2020 among faculty, students and other stake holders.
8) To promote & authenticate quality culture by going for NAAC Accreditation of the college.
9) To continuously monitor and record the various activities/programmes being conducted at College for quality improvement.
10) To collect & analyse feedback from students, staff & stakeholders on relevant aspects to promote quality culture and best practices in the institution.
11) To develop annual action plan for the relevant year.
12) To organise alumni & parent-teacher meet to get valuable suggestions for strengthening academic, quality infrastructure and standards.
13) To promote the publication of college newsletter, magazine, prospectus etc.